Sport Minister, Mr Sunday Dare threatens to Sue Former Boxing legend Bash Ali over defamation of Character.

The Nigerian minister of youth and sports development, Mr Sunday Dare, has sue former world cruiserweight boxing champion, Bash Ali, over an alleged defamatory comments and videos about his personality.

Mr Dare came up with the legal threat after Bash Ali released a video during the weekend, accusing Mr Dare for extorting him of millions of naira as part of the process to organise a world boxing title fight for him as allegedly directed by President Muhammadu Buhari.

The boxer also threatened to shut down the premises of the Ministry of Youth and Sports Development if his demands are not met.

The minister while reacting to the threat by Bash Ali through his SA on Multimedia, Toyin Ibitoye, said “he will not sit back and allow the threats materialize.

“The attention of the Honourable Minister of Youth and Sports Development Mr. Sunday Dare has been drawn to a video circulating online in which controversial boxer, Bash Ali made defamatory, false and unsubstantiated allegations against his person.

“This recent video is irrespective and in disregard of a pending libel suit initiated by the Minister claiming damages to the sum of 5billion Naira against Bash Ali for defamatory allegations made in the past.Apart from aggravating the previous defamatory acts, in the present video

“As a responsible public office holder, the Honourable Minister will not sit back and allow the threats materialize. If Bash Ali could have the effrontery to make and publicize a video where he not only made allegations against the person of the Hon. Minister, but also threatened to halt the operations of the Ministry of Youth and Sports development, then, it is compelling that the security agencies are put on alert so as to avoid a future situation of regret where things are taken for granted.

“On a personal note, the Hon. Minister will continue to diligently press his libel claims against Bash Ali and will also seek further remedies that the laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria avail him. To this end, he has briefed Bode Olanipekun, SAN of the law firm of Wole Olanipekun & Co to continue with the prosecution of the case.

“This statement has become necessary so as to inform discerning members of the public to disregard this latest antic which is in continuation of a pattern from Bash Ali against two past Ministers of Youth and Sports Development and the current one. We also alert media outlets about the risks and consequences of disseminating such false and malicious stories,” Ibitoye said.

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