Peace Has Returned To Afghanistan, Says Taliban Leader As He Declares A New Government.

Today Monday The Leader of The Taliban Fighters in Kabul Afghanistan has declared a new government after they captured the country capital Kabul.

The leader of the group Mohammed Naeem has stated that peace has returned to Afghanistan after 20 years of war. According to him Afghanistan shall open her arms to international relations noting that the country shal not live in isolation.

The Taliban Fighters captured the city of Kabul, while her former leader had escaped out of the country.

Foreigners were seen leaving the country via the airport amidst shooting. The US authority have moved to secure the airport.

Naeem assured the citizens that the days of violence was over. He said they have been able to gain back what they had fought for in 20 years of violence.

There is fear that the Taliban might go back to their Islamic rulership that seek to cage her citizens of certain right to freedom. During their rule that came to a hurt in 2001 women were banned from working, driving and even seen in most public places.

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