Indonesian Army Ends ‘Two-Finger’ Virginity Tests On Female Recruits

Different countries with their different culture and ethics. Once upon a time, in Indonisia, the county’s army, conducts virginity test on their female recruits, using the ‘inserting two-fingers’ method.

This has sparked up reactions from human rights organisations all over the world. Some describe it as being “degrading, discriminatory, and traumatic.”

Even, a New York based Human Rights Watch (HRW) conducted investigations into the practice in 2014, 2015 and 2017, with experts labeling the tests abusive, unscientific and discriminatory.

But Andika Perkasa, the Indonesian army chief of staff, told reporters recently that the controversial practice has been banned. Saying;

“Previously we looked at the abdomen, Instruments in detail with the examinations of the pelvis, vagina and cervix. Now, we have done away with these examinations, especially with regards to the hymen, whether it has been ruptured and the extent of the rupture,” he said.

Instead, he explained that recruitment tests will be focused on health issues such as color blindness, the heart and spine.

“The purpose of the examinations now is more focused on ensuring that the recruit will be able to lead a healthy life and will not encounter any medical issues leading to the loss of life,” he added.

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