‘Spit and scan’ — Researchers develop saliva test that can detect COVID variants

Do you know you can now conduct a Covid 19 test by yourself? Do you know that you can detect the presence of the variant in your body just by examining your saliva?Thanks to some researchers at the Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering at Harvard University, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and several Boston-area hospitals.

These group of Researchers have developed a device that allows users to test themselves for COVID-19 and multiple variants of the virus using a sample of their saliva.

Saliva samples from 27 people with COVID-19 and 21 people without the virus and the test identified the virus about 96% of the time, which is similar to the PCR tests.

Why using saliva? Speaking via the team’s spokesperson, they said that;

“We chose to use saliva rather than nasopharyngeal swab samples as the collection method because it’s easier for users to collect saliva.”

Helena de Puig, a co-first author of the study and postdoctoral fellow at the institute, said the test simplifies the sample preparation process.

“miSHERLOCK eliminates the need to transport patient samples to a centralized testing location and greatly simplifies the sample preparation steps, giving patients and doctors a faster, more accurate picture of individual and community health, which is critical during an evolving pandemic,” she said.

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