Lagos state may go extinct by sinking 50 years from now- NIHSA warns

The Nigeria Hydrological Services Agency (NIHSA) has put out a warning to anyone who cares to listen that the floods recorded in many parts of Lagos on Friday, July 16.As we can all recall, the downpour was massive.

The NIHSA boss in person of Clement Nze spoke about the agency’s flood According to him;

“Lagos and surrounding areas were included in our prediction in terms of the flooding that occurred. Also, Lagos is one of the 10 mega cities globally and there are six cities that are sinking and might sink or disappear in 50 years based on meteorology. Lagos is one of them.

“In fact, one of my cousins sent me a voice message in 2019 after reading one of my posts, telling me that they told her in school in Germany that Lagos State would disappear by sinking in the next 50 years.”

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