Choices and decision are often proved true with time. Time is the most common of commodity and rarest sometimes to purchase, what invariably justifies our decision and choices is the yielded result over time. Imagine these scenarios. A driver chooses a path that is known but this time filled with warning of dangers ahead, despite passengers concerns and reproaches, the driver continued the lonely path. After driving for hours, the vehicle rammed into a ditch of a drying stream. No way out! The driver replied when reprimanded, Quitters don’t win. A lady has specific standard of her dream guy: no alcoholic, no smoker, no tattoo, highly religious, good cook, domestic, no baby daddy drama and luscious. She was happy to find one and the love boat was magical for months. Just exactly how she wanted it. This cool dude began associating with friends who are exact opposite to the qualities she admired in the guy, he smell alcohol and cigarettes most times he is back from social hang out, when confronted, he either lie or admit to little intake and inadvertently will promise immediate changes. This would only work for couple of days. Fuss and tantrums become the order of the day, the lady couldn’t tolerate so she sought for her bestie advice, ‘winner don’t quit’ was the mantra that sink into her mind. Now the lady is a mother of three living miserably with the man she so much disgust. Tears couldn’t help, bestie couldn’t do anything, after-all, it is all her choice. ‘Do not give up, your miracle is on the way’. ‘It is fie to experience tragedies first, they are pathway to successes’. ‘Persist, endure and persevere, you will finally make it’. ‘Oh…, if only you know how close you are to success, you will never think of quitting’. These statements have disappointed many lives to the point of depression. They have wasted so many peoples time to the point of miserableness, I wouldn’t like to mention the level of bankruptcy that victims had fallen into, and how it had pushed so many into abject poverty. Many live in tears and regrets because of negative motivations to proceed when they should have quitted. Is Quitting Bad? A frog jumped into a huge cooking vessel filled with water, to be placed on fire. It was relieved and happy because it’s been a sunny and hectic day, so what a good way to relax the scorches and stress of the day! Few minutes later, the cooking vessel was placed on fire. The water temperature started increasing uncomfortably. The toad has two choices; 1. To quit and jump out of the cooking vessel. 2. To continue in the vessel while adjusting its body temperature to suit the increasing temperature of the water (after-all, winners don’t quit and quitters don’t win). The toad chose the latter. Before the water reached boiling point, the toad died. Here comes the big questions, who or what killed the frog? A shallow mind will easy conclude the hot water killed the toad. Some might even say that the vessel owner ought to check the vessel before placing it on fire. One might even argue why the vessel was covered to prevent the frog from jumping out. But does the story says the vessel was covered? It is not disheartening to say that the toad killed itself. How? The toad would have jumped out from the vessel when the temperature is getting unbearable. A toad has the ability to increase their body temperature to that of the surrounding as part of their adaptation for survival. This process saps high amount of energy and leaves them weak or to hibernation when the situation causing them the adaptation subsides. Sad to say, many doesn’t even recover from such hibernation. Instead of adapting and adjusting body temperature, the toad ought to have used the energy to jump out of the vessel to search for another enabling environment for itself. This could be the life situation we face sometimes. We see quitting to be the same as giving up. No, they are different! A soldier fights to fight another day, we are supposed to be soldiers, we quit to re-strategize and forge ahead. How will we realize our mistakes if we don’t halt to examine them? Quitting should be a momentary process for self-evaluation to checkmate where the journey began from and its pathway in comparison to the future. It becomes permanent if nothing is done after the process, this isn’t what is suggestive here. Turbulence and trials are pathway to success, no argument that the duo too can also be stepping stone to absolute irreversible life damage, it all depend on what the situation is all about. Miracle happens, but there are difference between miracle and magic. Miracle works with effort in doing the right thing. The woman with the pool of blood wasn’t healed in her house, she defied tribal gender sentiments of those days, she walked broad day light while guising under the crowd shadow, she sought for Jesus and connect to him through a touch on his outer garment. These are efforts she put in place. What a reward she had! The point is, look out for success where it can be found and once the pathway of it is found, do not give up. If the seeming pathway proved to be a life ruining decision after taking it, do not wait for your life to be ruined, reexamine your position and quit. Do not be like the toad who channels it total energy to survive in a death trap. Quit when you still can, live today to continue another day. It is your life after-all. Year 2021 is approaching, it’s never too late to access your stand and quit if need be. Susan Ade Coker and RantHQ situation is a good example to emulate. RantHQ birthed RantHQ extension. Susan would have chosen to keep the trial up with Zuckerberg, but what are the chances? She changed the plan while keeping hope alive but not the goal. I am a beneficiary. Decide to change your plan, your goal is the destination. Enter 2021 with a renewed spirit, do not allow what others will say deter you from your destination, it’s your life and it is your journey. Winners don’t quit and quitters don’t win is relative. It all depends on the pathway.

Ifedayo G. McTonnie

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