“Second wave of COVID-19 in Nigeria, more lethal than the first one”. Dr Dosunmu J. A. Southern Shore Hospital Lagos.

If you are diabetic or prediabetic remember that you immune system wouldn’t respond to infections as fast as that of non diabetic individuals.

If you are hypertensive remember that covid19 causes the blood to clot and the fever will cause your heart to beat sometimes twice as fast as it should, it could cause you to have a heart attack, a stroke, renal failure and obstruction of blood to parts of your lungs therefore worsening your breathlessness.

Some people feel they have no health issues but still get very severe form of covid19, others passed it to vulnerable family members. The second wave of covid19 infections is far more widespread and has being more lethal then the first wave in Nigeria.

Covid19 is the most expensive infectious disease to treat today in Nigeria. The cost of PCR testing is between 40000- 50000.

The daily cost of admission in a private isolation center is between 500000 and 1000000, Majority of these centers will only accept patients after depositing at least 5000000.

The daily impact of covid19 on health care workers has also being devastating with Doctors, Nurses, cleaners and Paramedical professionals suffering heavy losses.

Remember that you can also get Covid19 twice as immunity tends to last for 4-8 months and the second infection tends to be more severe. Developing countries can’t afford a lockdown again and they wouldn’t lockdown. It is up to you to protect your loved ones, the Vulnerable and our elderly parents.

-Use a face mask.

-Wash your hands regularly.

-Get a hand sanitizer.

-Avoid large gatherings.

-Follow social distancing guidelines.

-Stay healthy and stay safe.

Happy New Year in advance.

Dr Dosunmu Jubril Adekunle Southern Shore Hospitals.

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