UK has just approved Pfizer/Biontec vaccine.

Information reaching me from colleagues in the UK says the UK government has just approved Pfizer/Biontec vaccines.

UK has pre ordered over 4 million of vaccines but the first batch that will be recieved next week will be 800 thousand.

The UK health department says the vaccines met strict standards of safety, quality and effectiveness. The vaccines are said to be 95% effective.

The vaccines are 2 doses to give full protection. It is presumed that health workers will be the first to get the first dose of the vaccines, then workers in homes(home nurses etc).

This is a positive milestone in the steps towards eradicating COVID-19.

However, for full coverage or protection from COVID-19, one would need 2 doses of this vaccine. So as the first doses are being administered, it’s very important to still keep our masks on.and maintain adequate physical distancing until it is over.

-Dr Kelechi Williams

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