TVC YOUR VIEW: Jumoke, Tope Got Suspended, I Was The Scape Goat

PART 8 Meanwhile, I was Filming #EveryDayPeople in Lekki. This is to show you I was juggling both careers well. After a while, it wasn’t good enough for people… actors get breaks even if its 2 days of 3days…I hadn’t shown up in months. They switched to she decided to get into acting, while I stepped up by telling people I couldn’t handle Live TV and acting, what a lie.

Almost all the privileges I had died with my exit. The only thing that lived was the constant question on why I left. They wanted to film Sanzye. SANZYE HAD VALUE, SANDRA EZE HAD LITTLE OR NONE. So I rebuilt with Sandra Eze, even though Sanzye stuck with every one. I had used it for too long from radio days, it was too late to change it. I lived my lie faithfully. I went back to acting and started building from ground up, again…10,000 naira,, then 30,000, 50,000, 100…

Can I just say how good God has been to me?

I never quite understood what it was I did, who did I insult unconsciously, I never got a memo, never faced HR… what did I do wrong? Put me before a panel…anything. Just tell me what it was plainly, no assumptions. I wasn’t the first to be suspended. There was Tope and then Jumoke, why was mine different? Why would someone sit in bourdillon (as I was told) and play my life, my career, my emotions like badminton. I may not know anyone in high places but I am a respectful young woman and I will be respected. I waved the show goodbye and patiently waited for my face to leave that montage. Seeing my face on that tune made me sick. It took a painful long wait but a new montage was made and I rested. It was Official. Goodbye Your View and TVC.

I took my time because I wanted to be sure I had flushed yesterday’s anger. Writing with anger would ruin my purpose. I don’t know what will happen after this but I feel free and light. #MISSIONACCOMPLISHED

Dearest Holy Spirit, We did it! Thank you for the boldness! Hi5 buddy! 🤗❤❤🤗

Thank you everyone who genuinely cared and encouraged me, may God provide people who would urge you on in love, and stand by you when you need it the most. You are priceless! 🤗

Sandra Eze- Sanzye

This picture was taken before the show that morning, little did I know…

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