TVC YOUR VIEW: I Yelled At Morayo Despite My Begging Spree

PART 6 I went on another long period of silence, I refused to seek other jobs, I was in love with Your View, I was putting in my best and growing daily, I was introverted, still jovial well behaved except this one time…I’m dedicated, they’ll call me back. I was sure. Days turned to weeks and months, I was praying and waiting…Tope called me to her house, adviced me to apply for other shows on TVC instead of hoping to return. At this point I was angry, I didn’t understand why they would so easily move on, I would would fight for them, why won’t they fight for me, together! Was I so irrelevant?

Days later, I called Morayo and for the first time yelled at her over the phone (I believe I apologised for that later, but if I didn’t, forgive me Morayo). I felt alone. Uwa was the only one who constantly checked on me and gradually introduced to her circle of friends Nneoma 😘 and Priscilla😘 who worked on my mental health… I was beginning to heal and accept reality. My besties Ogoo and Uju were strong emotional support Shortly after, in August I travelled to UK and Dubai for the first time (how I travelled is a testimony for another day 😁 God is good! Amen?) I spent all my money shopping Primark/Atmosphere, haaaa! Oxford Street heard it! SEE THAT PHOTO UP THERE? AT SOUTHBANK, LONDON IT WAS MY MOOD EVERYDAY! I had fun! I was hoping to marry a white man and forget my misery in Nigeria. September, I got back. Straight to Enugu, there was nothing for me in Lagos. I was already talking to a friend about joining Dream Fm Enugu, or coming back to Lagos to work with a budding advertising company. I wanted to go back fully to acting but the peanut pay would do nothing for my family. From the blues, assistant producer Bolaji called me, that I was back on the show… at this point I had tossed the show aside, we move! I told her I was in Enugu. She called again asking that I had to make it, they had baked me a welcome back cake. Now I love cake lol. And the fact that they got me a cake and made me a guest that Friday melted my heart. I felt wanted but still angry.

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