TVC YOUR VIEW: Call From Bourdillon Said,”That Igbo Girl Be Removed”

PART 7 Gosh, this too long, though I may have skipped some things. Anyway, I gave my word that I had to make it and if you know me, my word is my bond (DM people, see why I don’t tell you what you want to hear or promise what I wont do? ) I digress.

I had very little money on me, I spent every thing in UK and Dubai (and it was worth it, I was happy) My elder sister Tuvy gave me a little extra cash and I boarded The Young Shall Grow, night bus to Lagos.

Imagine the transition from Emirates Airbus 380 to rickety luxurious bus. Sigh. Bus broke down on the way, last last we made it. Got into Lagos 6am, had a shower, ran out again so I can get to work at 7:30am, and I made it in time.

It was a happy reunion, all the love I had pushed away came back, whatever happened, I love this show and if they want me back, I’m glad to be back. So I showed up live on air, bubbly and excited. Sharing my travel wander lust experiences and the cake had a little plane on it, it was thoughtful. Finally, rainy days were over, the sun was out… I wish.

In less than 2 weeks, I had said something again about Nigeria being broke… this was before it became public knowledge. On sunday I didn’t see a schedule in my mail, I called Morayo to find out why, she started asking where I was and that Mr Musa had asked that they skip my name for the week. I drove out to meet her and I was told that a call had come from bourdillon again asking that, that Igbo girl be removed. And why did she come back… there was nothing I could say really.

I was with my aunt at the time, she came and explained to her and I think that’s noble. Still I wanted to ask her, did you really fight? You asked me to trust you and I did. I made a post about it and whenever I doubted, I would go back to the post and read it. Did you really put up a fight for me or was I one of the eggs In the basket that wasn’t needed. Easy sacrifice.

But i never asked, my mouth had gotten me into enough trouble, I might be misunderstood. And I was just tired. So we all agreed In order to not cause suspicions and to avoid tribalistic comments, when people ask about me, we’ll just say that I took a break to act for a while, we agreed.

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