TVC YOUR VIEW: Morayo Throws Up During Live Show

PART 4 So I decided, if I can’t talk, I can walk, it’s was an option. I started fiddling with my mic to get it off me and watched the camera pan from medium to a wide shot so as to capture whatever was going on. Drama is always good for TV, I’ve done my research. Now remember I told you Morayo would walk off set to Vomit or something when she was preggy. And the crew would cover up so well that you wouldn’t know.. Stupid me, I thought the same would apply to me, but no, it was on a wide shot till I took my Mike off, got up and left. Everyone has shocked. Twitter went wild. I was trending (although now there is no trace of it on twitter 🤷🏽‍♀️)

I walked to the green stand to cool off, people ran to me from the news room asking if I was ok. I truthfully told I was a little upset. Azee (I miss her) and a few others encouraged me to go back on the show. I listened and went back to wrap the show with the ladies. Morayo then asked me if I had anything to say about the Oba issue… heck I don’t even know what I said, I just wanted to go home.

Show was over. Walking from newsroom to post production office, everyone kept saying “Sanzye, why did you walk out nau, that’s unprofessional” I didn’t get their point. As far as I was concerned, it was professional, the team had agreed on it right? Wrong! Stupid me. Morayo kept telling me it’s nothing, but something felt different, I didn’t feel comforted. I read auras a lot. The MD Mr Lemi walks in and asked “what’s going on? Everyone has been calling, asking if I watched the show today, I didn’t” . Someone, I dunno who, told him what happened. I just wanted to cry, I knew I had done something I just wasn’t sure if it was right or wrong. The ladies kept saying its ok, afterall, it was a plan… I don’t remember exactly what Mr Lemi said but it was in the lines of ” grow up…” Morayo told me, to just show up tomorrow and apologise. I am never to big to apologise, so I agreed. I went to make up room, picked up my bag, on my way out I saw Morayo with the HR lady she was narrating to her what happened, I stood there crying.

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