TVC YOUR VIEW: Morayo Announced My Suspension

PART 5 The HR lady told me it was nothing, that it will be sorted out… i wanted to believe them but for some reason, everything I was told about being #Igbo was ringing in my head.

I went home, locked myself and cried. Then I rehearsed my apology and showed up to work the next morning. I walked into the Make up room greeted Morayo but it felt different. I felt tension, she said “sanzye can I see you”… my heart broke. “Sure” i said. She said “…I was instructed that a call came from bourdillon and they don’t want to see you on the show again… so you’ve been suspended indefinitely, just chill small, lemme talk to them”

I felt beaten to the ground. I can be pretty invested in things I’m passionate about. Last I felt that way was the night I was evicted from Nigerian Idol…I walked for 2hours crying. But I’m not as invisible as i was back then. At this point i had bought my car, sorted out my sisters, made my savings calendar for the year…I was finally going to travel out this year! Atleast that got me laughing while I cried driving home. At the packing lot, a few Igbo colleagues told me, Sandra, it is sad but take it from me, you’re not coming back. They’ve been waiting for this moment, you gave them an opening…” I called them bluff.

I came to the show every morning for a while and went to intern at the MCR to learn a few tips on mixing Live TV shots, while serving suspension… handy knowledge. It changed nothing.

Then I went on a begging spree, begged my MD, it was beyond him, begged the accountant to beg MD, no way. Someone secretly wanted to help so I agreed to drive to bourdillon and beg. I packed opposite the road for hours, no one came out. I was crying like a fool.. not for myself, my family. Finances were dwindling, I had no job, no one to call on that wouldn’t ask for sex and I had a car to maintain, a long list…

I asked if I could make it for the anniversary. I was permitted. So after almost 2months, I show up on May 29th. Wore the beautiful blue dress a fan made for us. I thought this was going to be it, my welcome back… nope, I was wrong.

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