TVC YOUR VIEW: I Was Told Not To Talk About Oba Akran Drowning Igbos

PART 3 My 24 year old brain could not understand why politics was such a big deal and I had to restrict my views because of where I worked. WHY!? So, eventually Buhari won, I wasn’t happy but welp, show goes on. Governorship elections… this is it. The Oba of Lagos made an inciting statement about drowning Igbos in the Lagoon (some of y’all might remember it) The next day, it was the headline in almost all the dailies. At this point, Debisi wasn’t the producer anymore, Emem was.

I believe she could have switched me given how sensitive the topic was and considering that this concerned a people I represented. During makeup, she asked me to ensure I said nothing about it, just ignore the story. I wasn’t ok, but well, I don’t want to be the person who tells my producer NO.

So we went LIVE! Intro, banter, paper review, hot topic, let’s talk…I said nothing about it, we were almost there. 9:50am, a guy call Hassan calls in and drags us back to paper review on what the Oba said, his comments HURT,… I waited for Morayo to cut him, it was taking forever, I started hoping someone in MCR would end the call. I was sweating. I wanted to say something, I wasn’t going to be a sell out. Everything in me screamed that this was not right. I felt like I couldn’t breathe and I couldn’t talk, I wasn’t sure what would come out of my mouth, (NBC rules: when in doubt, stay silent).. if NBC writes us, that might be a problem for the show. I cant afford that. The show was Morayo’s baby but I loved that child.

So i remembered, previously during one of our post production meetings, we talked about a strategy to increase ratings and trend on twitter (Your view is big on Twitter, ya’ll know that.). I cant remember who came up with the idea to walk out on the show.. citing examples with Whoopi Goldberg and Elizabeth Hasselbeck of The View. We all loved it. It sounded great. But there was no instruction as to what kind of topic that applies to…we agreed it would be most natural if it shocked everyone for real.

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