TVC YOUR VIEW: I Defended GoodLuck Jonathan

PART 2 The next day, the real Sanzye was born. I got more show slots. Shortly after, we started trying out lead hosting because Morayo got Pregnant, she would leave in the middle of the show and y’all wouldn’t know. Tadaa! Eventually, it was my turn to try out… I watched Oprah and Amanpour all night. I had to nail it. I had to show everything I’ve been practicing in front if the mirror since 13. Guess what? I was bad ass and RDJ (God rest his soul) picked me up and made me better. 1st anniversary, Morayo had just given birth to her adorable twin babies. Guess who got the honour to host, Me!!!

I got better and bolder, still respectful. I started learning politics and my work environment. A few Igbo colleagues would tell me stuff and I’d brush it off, I refused to judge people or anything that had no evidence. I went on air and said things as they were. I stopped a lot of people from insulting the then president Goodluck Jonathan. And it earned me the nick name “Jonathan’s daughter”. No, I wasn’t in support of him, not PDP, not APC. However, I believed a man in authority should be respected. The ladies and producer encouraged me, it was good for TV. Different angles, a banter here and there. A devil’s advocate sometimes… we made great TV fam. So the show grew, and so did the eyes watching. 2015 election was looming and I said it several times I was not a fan of APC. I had no single case of indiscipline or any reason to enter HR office. I showed up to work on time, had a good relationship with my co anchors but ofcourse much preference for Uwa first, then Tope. Right after the show, I would jump my keke and rush to ObaAkran Ikeja to film my Tinsel scenes. (No, I didn’t take cabs because I was saving every penny to get a car and sort a few family needs).

We were the Perfect cast of 7 brilliant ladies, I being the youngest. With time, we owned the 9am -10am time belt daily. All eyes was on us. We worked harder at grammar, presentation, handling public appearances, taking criticisms especially when on live TV, attended NBC meetings…y’all class was in session haha.

You have enough back ground now, let’s move to election year 2015. It was the do or die year.

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