TVC YOUR VIEW: A Call From Bourdillon Sacked Me

PART 1. No, I did not leave YourViewTVC because I was disciplined and I couldn’t take it. I did not leave because I had attitude issues, or i was headstrong and refusing to take advise (really? Wow.) Nor did I leave because I wanted to focus solely on acting. Your View had a very flexible schedule… that was a cover up. I walked out during a Live show, a call came from bourdillon and asked that I be suspended indefinitely.

That’s the Summary, Now, the news in detail:

I had never done anything like #YourView, so when Morayo agreed to hire me with Ajifa’s side approval, I was elated. I was clueless about the show, i had never watched the international sister shows. I only knew Oprah and Amanpour. I went to google and started reading everything I could on #TheTalk and #TheView. I believed in her vision and I was going to invest all of me in it. One of my excitement being I finally had a female boss, no more sexual harassment.

So the Show premiered, and I grew. I struggled with 2 things, I don’t talk a lot, I forget a lot, so I wrote a lot. I hated politics but i read papers every day, i was always researching because, no one wanted to hear that I was too young or that the only political figures I knew was the President and my eastern governors 🤭. My Office was, as the spokes person for young adults/singles and the Igbo community.

Some months later, we had a new Producer Debisi. One day in the canteen, I was having breakfast, she walked in and gave me a pep talk that changed everything. “…Sanzye, look them in the eye and make your point, ignore your age. You are beautiful and brilliant, show it!” Then she danced away. I silently chewed my kpomo… literally. I was having moi-moi and stewed kpomo 😁.

Continued on next post…

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