Are Women Actually Fish Brain?


When women are called fish brain the user implies that women are dull or unintelligent.

However common the saying may be among some folks, I hold a different opinion, because I consider the statement untrue. Which is why I write this post to enlighten people. I am not here to compare who is more intelligent between both genders.

Firstly a fish brain shouldn’t be associated with lack of intelligence because it helps develop the human brain.

Secondly women are not dull as some people think. I feel women are viewed that way because of the general world view about women which is influenced by male dominance.

In old times most women were not given the privilege of education and most were not allowed to exercise their intelligence because of the stereotype roles given to them.Even those stereotype roles of rearing children, managing family finance in terms of turning money to food and family daily needs is not a task for dull people.

If women are dull as some people think how do they fit in as wives to men of different ages, either men far older or younger, close age range or agemate? Nowadays that women have a fair privilege of education and are exposed to other things that can help them develop mentally. It can be seen they are not dull as some people think.

In our contemporary world we see women doing extraordinaryly well in different facet of life. If women are dull why are women sometimes needed to arrest or apprehend wanted criminals?That assignment can only be accomplished by a smart person .

Even in the bible I have read where women kill people that an army cannot bring down, is it just an act of strength alone without wisdom? No.

It is advisable people stop viewing women as dull human beings, so that they do not learn the hard way. When God created man he blessed them both, therefore wisdom is both for men and women.

For our women out there you need to be wise. For example Esther was a beautiful woman with brain, she demonstrated enough wisdom at critical times. To succeed in life you need God and you need to wisdom.

I want to encourage husbands if you have an intelligent wife don’t feel insecure take them as a blessing.

Deborah was a judge in Israel and the wife of Lapidoth Men should not be afraid of marrying intelligent women they are blessings and not curses.

One day I was reading an article and something struck me, in the article it was mentioned that men that marry smart women live longer.

Women may hold different perspectives and approaches which differ from a man’s view, nonetheless it does not make the woman unintelligent.

I want to use this forum to encourage women (single and married ) not to be laid back in life.

Adam called his wife Eve meaning the mother of all living, the mother of all living can not afford to be dull.

Give attention to your mental capacity to enable you play your role in life.

Adebiyi Kayode Emmanuel

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