Nigeria @60: We Need Our Freedom And Freedom Is In Our Hands. -Dr Kelechi Williams Igbokwe

Nigeria, a unique and beautiful land, blessed by the diversity of her people, cries out today in so much pain and anguish.

A land filled with so much resources, but corruption has inflicted pain on her. Her leaders and policy makers don’t care about the citizens they lead. They keep made policies that will protect their idiosyncrasies, strangling the people.

Nigeria weeps as her politicians have divided the people across tribal, party and religious lines.

Nigeria weeps, though she became ‘independent’ 60 years ago, is still under slavery, slavery in the hands of her own leaders.

Her resources looted daily by the leaders who are supposed to be accountable to the people.

Like a helpless woman whose hair is been pulled by her oppressors, so much pain has been inflicted on Nigeria by bad policies and governments, increase in unemployment, yet increase in fuel, increase in power supply tariffs, increase in the cost of living, insecurity, etc

Nigeria has cried out for true freedom for 60 years and there is no more strength left to cry out. The people have accepted an abnormally as normal.

There is a silent cry for help, this cry is seen on the faces of all Nigerians…. We need freedom and the freedom we seek isn’t far away from us, its within us. We need to all come together and form a force against bad governance, we need to demand accountability from the people we have elected to lead us. If such accountability can’t be given, we remove them and install new governments. 

As a people, we have the power in our hands and we should stop allowing anyone tell us otherwise.



-Dr Kelechi Williams

Photo credit: Stephanie Kamsy Nnaji

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