Tragic! Housewife Kills Self After She Was Allegedly Caught Cheating With Neighbor (Video)

A housewife with name Halima has reportedly taken her own life by drinking the deadly sniper. According to reports, she was alleged to have been caught engaging in extramarital affairs with a neighbor with the tag ‘Daddy Deborah’ which culminated in the fracas that followed. The report further stated that the alleged adulterous act happened on Thursday when the Husband of Halima popularly known as ‘Alfa’ had gone to purchase a goat for his birthday which was billed to hold on Saturday.

She was caught in the act with the husband furious with threats to inform her family and send her packing. Sources say Halima had to engage the services of some elderly women around to help plead with her husband for mercy, a move which fell on deaf ears.

Halima, not wanting the shame and disgrace from the issue decided to end it all by drinking a bottle of sniper which led to her death. She was said to have died around 6:45pm on Friday, the 5th of June 2020.

Neighbors reported that she was holding her stomach and writting in pain with those around asking her what the problem was with she answering it was a mere tummy pain. It was later discovered it was pains from the deadly sniper drink she took.

She was said to have told her husband her intent to surprise him on Friday before his birthday prompting neighbors to interpret the suicide as the surprise she meant.

She has since been buried according to Islamic rites.

Watch Video of her being buried;

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