COVID-19: Madagascar Experiences A 6% Further Drop In Recovery Rate Within 3 Days. -Dr Kelechi Williams

I made a post on 19th May 2020 on a drop in the Madagascar percentage recovery rate plus 1 death (following a 10 day statistics monitoring).

3 days later, this percentage dropped further from 36.9% to 30.13% (a 6% drop in 3 days) with a second death (making of a total of 2 deaths) as at 4pm today(22nd May, 2020).

If the alleged Madagascar’s COVID-19 cure were to be effective in both cure and prevention(as they claim), they should have experienced an increase in the percentage recovery rate, with no new cases and possibly no death, rather than a decrease.

NOTE: Make no mistakes, these updates are in no way to bad mouth an African country, but to keep people informed. Nigerians are used to running with the wrong information as we fail to research ourselves.

As America,  UK, Germany (etc) are working individually on their vaccines to better help erradicate this SARS-CoV-2 virus, I suggest Madagascar and other African countries come together, research and come up with an effective solution peculiar to us.


-Dr Kelechi Williams Igbokwe#takeresponsibility

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