Tragic; Former President’s Son Commits Suicide

One of the sons of Mexico’s former dictator, Luis Echeverria Alvarez has taken his life, reports Mexican authorities.

71 year old Alvaro Echeverria Zuno was found dead Tuesday morning in his home situated in the State of Morelos, south of Mexico City according to a statement by the local prosecutor’s office.

His Father, Echeverria Alvarez aged 98 was Mexico’s iron fist ruler from 1970 to 1976 and he is much touted as the major culprit responsible for what has been termed as “Mexico’s dirty war”, a term used to refer to a spate of assassinations which included major political opponents, forced students disappearance, leftists activists and and a whole lot of human rights abuses.

The reason for Alvaro’s Echeverria’s action is yet unknown.

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