COVID-19: Fight The Virus, Not The People – United Nations Nigeria Partners With Suzan Ade-Coker Of RantHQ On Covid-19 Sensitisation

Its been a tough few months for everyone around the world since the pandemic began to spread like wildfire.

The Covid-19 pandemic has killed thousands of people from around the world but at the same time, it has also shown that the recovery rate is higher than the death rate.

It has, therefore, shown that humans must come together as one, inorder to fight any external force.

It is to this that the United Nations Nigeria has partnered popular influencer, Suzan Ade-Coker of RantHQ for clear sensitisation on the virus to the people.

In a newly released video uploaded on the United Nations Nigeria social media page, the influencer could be seen enjoining people to fight the virus and not the people.

She spoke on discrimination against those who have contracted, saying there is no need to discriminate or stigmatize, but instead, to support those who have been successfully treated.

According to her, Covid-19 is not a death sentence as the virus is treatable.

We hope this message go a long way in helping to sensitize the people on the way and manner the Covid-19 works and how it is treatable.

More importantly, to arrest the issue of discrimination against those who have been infected, successfully treated and have been discharged, kindly help share this message.

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