Exclusive ; Robbers Use Lockdown Opportunity To Heist On The Vulnerable Populace, Citizens Fight Back (Video)

As if the damaging effect of the standstill around the world occasioned by the spread of COVID-19 wasn’t enough, pilferers, and dare-devil robbers has upped their game, robbing people of their properties and of course, their legal funds.

Another episode of the recurring incident which is a testament to the societal ill plaguing our insensitive and drab populace reportedly happened at Egbeda Akowonjo Road, Lagos where men of the underworld took advantage the sit-at-home order by the government to perpetrate their heinous acts. They were said to have sent emissaries and notes to intimate the residents of their coming.

But Hell No! The Youths in the community are having none of that as they could be seen in the video agitating and protesting against the shenanigans of the men of dark minds. What more can be daring when a group of robbers who after dispossessing victims of their possessions would threaten to come back? This can only be evident in a failed human security system. A system where the lives and properties of the people are no more safe. And Yes, that’s what the robbers did! They threatened to be back and the Youths of the community were having none of it! The residents of the community told Rant HQ Blog that they intimated the police all through the night the heist was on with no tangible response coming from them. The thieves had a field day during the operation and said they would come back during the day to continue where they stopped.

Some brave youths of the Community shot at them forcing them to beat a retreat but the twist here was that the same Policemen who were unavailable to stop the robbery were on ground to disperse the youths from protesting! A conspiracy it’s looking like you say? Well, unfolding events would open up more revelations.

It was alleged that the Police shot at the protesters with no casualty recorded. But there is a school of thought which presumed the Police would not be sure the robbers won’t be among the protesting youths and the best option left is to disperse them.

Rant HQ Blog is in possession of the Videos of the protest of the obviously disillusioned youths, please watch;

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