What A Wawu!! Black Axe Cult Group Donate Iron Shelter To Police

What happens when outlawed cult groups are being given recognition by the Police who sought to protect Nigerians from harm? With secret society and cult groups a threat to peaceful living? Hmmmmh.

In a strange move, members of the Neo Black Movement of Africa more known as Black Axe has donated an iron shelter to the Nigerian Police in Osun state. What is more appalling is that the police were happy for the gesture and even took turns to snap selfies with the members of the secret society.

The question beckons; What kind of partnership should exist between the police who swore to protect Nigerians and a secret society which has been known to be a threat to peaceful living? Your guess is as good as mine.

RANT HQ BLOG is in possession of the pictures, see them below;

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